Welcome to Maison Loui! For those of you who don't know - and have just stumbled across this colourful corner of the internet - I've been making, designing and selling since February 2017. Oh and keeping it totally quiet. I really didn't want to tell family, friends or colleagues because... what if it failed? What if I launched and I sold nothing?

There's so much competition out there, but - against sense and good judgement - I wanted to give it a go nevertheless. I sat down and worked out all my costs for starting up, how much I needed to sell a unit for and what I could afford before making a loss. I started small, designing just 5 cards and ordering 10 of each design (50 cards in total).
I launched Maison Loui (the same name as my Granny's hair salon in the 1950s) in May 2017 with those 5 designs - a baby card, a congratulations card, a new home card, an engagement card and a birthday card. Fast forward to August 2018 and I've sold around 70 cards on Etsy (and a little bit more outside it). My very, very small side hustle.

I get a real kick out of it and despite fierce online competition (there are over 18,000 new baby cards from UK seller on Etsy alone), I always feel a bit touched to think that someone somewhere is getting one of my colourful little cards through the post.

So here it is, in all its glory - my Etsy shop, if you fancy a peek.