January is officially over (yeah I can't help it either, hurrah!) but it's not too late for one of these kinda posts... right? I'm guilty of gobbling them up every time New Year rolls around. The resolutions, epiphanies, ideas, plans and schemes. As much as we all know how truly awesome we already are, the nosy parker in me just loves a good peek at what everyone is thinking of this time of year.

So. Totally inspired by one of my favourite blogs, I've taken up the call from the lovely Ella and decided to write a '9 in 2019' - a list of lovely things to do, try or look forward to in the coming year. I couldn't quite manage 19 (with a baby on the way, I need to keep it realistic because tbh no.1 is keeping him/her alive) but hopefully I can stick to these few...!

  1. Plan a girls weekends away (done - with Lauren, Bicester Village/Oxford in March).
  2. Decorate the spare room and try and hit that spare-room-and-nursery vibe just right. Pinterest, I'm looking at you. (done - although we're holding off on extra bits until we know if it's a boy or girl. We're ready for you baby!)
  3. Finally treat myself to a full-blown £70 Cowshed pedicure. I'm thinking just before baby arrives... If you can't do it when you're carrying 6-7lbs+ of baby, when can you?
  4. Buy some cute Etsy art prints for the house. Anything bright, cheerful and supporting small businesses. I like this, this and this.
  5. Get my phone screen time down to less than 1 hour per day. Currently at 3+ so that's a challenge...
  6. Do at least 3 things totally solo - like going to the cinema alone just to see something really want to see (already thinking this... oh and this V&A exhibition...)
  7. Bake a scrumptious birthday cake for my husband. This blackout chocolate cake would get top brownie points I reckon... (done - lion cupcakes with a caramel core as a big hint to his Lion King theatre ticket present!)  
  8. Explore more of the UK. I really want to see more coastal towns, as well as explore a bit more of that great English countryside. I still haven't made it to London's Columbia Road Flower Market, either... 
  9. Spend time with my newborn niece (see you in March baby girl)! (done - gorgeous girl dropped into our lives 27th February and the whole family is smitten).

Now on to the month of love, V day, Galentines, self care and an abundance of flowers to brighten the grey. So long January, it's been not too shabby (but you won't be missed).