Image credit - Pinterest
You know what I’ve been craving lately? A really zesty piece of lemon drizzle cake. I blame Pinterest - I saw this pin and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.

I’ve totally gone off tea in pregnancy (a travesty), but I really, really fancy a cup of Earl Grey (let’s give it another try, shall we?) and a good wodge of lemon cake.

A light, springy sponge cake, laced with plenty of lemon juice, spiked with zest and with a little crunch in the bite from that zingy, lemony drizzle up top. Delicious!

What is better than cake? Nothing. But as you’re still here, I thought I’d also share a few links to the content I’ve discovered or revisited over the past few weeks. Perfect between emails/early morning coffee reading material. Grap a cuppa, curl up and enjoy.