April has landed, Spring is here and I thought it was high time I got around to another bump update. Buckle up, folks!

How far along: 26 weeks  - next week I’ll be 7 months, which is totally nuts. Baby is roughly 35cm and weighs around 2lbs. I was born at 31 weeks and 2lbs 11oz, so this really has my head spinning...

Days until due date: 98 - we're officially on double digits!

The bump: Bigger than 22 weeks, that's for sure.

Weight changes: I've put on 6kg overall - I'm only weighing myself once a month or so just to check in, but once I hit the final stretch I'd really rather not know...

Stretch marks? None yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if they spring up later on - especially on my boobs, which are enormous.

Cravings: Anything sweet!

Sleep: 8-10 hours is a thing of the past - pregnancy insomnia is here and I am not a fan.

Symptoms: Ligament pain when I walk too fast (I've been told by my midwife to just slow down) and sore teeth/gums. More ulcers. Hello Sensodyne, my old friend.

Best moment this week: Well it was kinda last week, but hearing baby's heartbeat again at my midwife appointment. Little rascal is coming in at 144bpm, so get those predictions in!

Worst moment this week: I can't complain too much but my lower back is getting really sore... I have a pregnancy massage tomorrow so fingers crossed it'll get sorted. I'm also hormonal and not enjoying the down moments. Boo!

Miss anything? Still wine and since it's been sunny, a G&T would go down well too.

Movement: Lots and lots of wriggles, kicks and rolls!

Gender: Now leaning towards a boy again (it was my initial feeling after taking the test all the way back in October). Time will tell!

Belly button in/out: It's hanging in there for now but it's definitely going to pop...

Wedding Rings on/off: On

Mood: Generally cheery, occasionally hormonal, permanently tired

Looking forward to: Hitting that third trimester mark in two weeks time!