Oh baby, it's been a crazy couple of weeks. Bump is getting bigger all the time and we are 75% cooked! Crazy talk. After a massive wobble last week, I'm feeling a bit fragile and trying to take things a little easier around here...

How far along: 30 weeks - 2 weeks off 8 months pregnant. Baby is roughly 40cm and weighs around 3lbs. We're getting bigger in there!

Days until due date: 70

The bump: Is G-R-O-W-I-N-G like crazy. I feel like a whale and I still have anywhere between 7-12 weeks until baby arrives.

Weight changes: I've put on 7kg now - I'm actually more concerned with feeling strong at the moment, so out go the scales and in come the squats. I'm not sure weighing yourself from now does you any favours mentally, so ignorance will have to be bliss!

Stretch marks? None yet and everything crossed things stay that way.

Cravings: Anything very cold or frozen - I'm really loving Greek yoghurt with almonds and berries and a drizzle of honey (that sounds so wholesome I know, but I'm still ploughing my way through Easter eggs like a trooper).

Sleep: Not a lot these days!

Symptoms: Knackered sums it up - I've been diagnosed with anaemia, which is super common at this stage, but the last two weeks have been a major struggle. More on that below!

Best moment this week: Building the cot and being pretty much 90% done with the nursery. We haven't done anything decorative at all in terms of pictures or frills as we don't know whether baby is a boy or girl, so it's a blank slate to build on once baby is here! We went for expensive yet gorgeous Farrow & Ball Teresa's Green - the perfect mint green-blue - and I love how calming it is in there now.

Worst moment this week: Was actually last week; we had a rush trip to hospital last Thursday when baby's movements dropped off a cliff. Thankfully everything is ok, but suffice to say I'll be watching their movements like a hawk from here on out.

Miss anything? My waist.

Movement: Aside from the drop here and there, I've been getting booted on a regular basis. Keep it coming, baby.

Gender: Back to having absolutely no idea!

Belly button in/out: Still in - just about.

Wedding Rings on/off: On - no swelling here!

Mood: Pretty cheery, sometimes teary, still tired. In fact, I'm about to buy the Dreamgenii pillow on the strength that hopeful cost per use will be worth it...

Looking forward to: My 2 (!) baby showers - no gifts, just games and cake - this weekend and next.