If someone was to ask me how I'm feeling after the last two weeks, I'd probably say cheerful, if a bit wobbly! After a couple of unfortunate fainting episodes last week, I was firmly under house arrest and force fed iron-rich foods by the spoonful. My hormones have also made themselves known... gah!

How far along: 34 weeks and in my 8th month of pregnancy. Baby is roughly 45cm and weighs around 4.7lbs. Don't I know it! Wriggler is pushing up against all my organs and my ribs and bladder are in a tie for who is more annoyed about it.

Days until due date: 42... eek.

The bump: Is of course getting bigger and rounder...! Oddly I feel quite skinny elsewhere which is probably because it is just so huge.

Weight changes: I haven't weighed myself since 30 weeks and it's gonna stay that way...

Stretch marks? None yet thank God, although I've heard they routinely appear around 40 weeks or just after birth. Fun.

Cravings: Frozen cherries.

Sleep: Still not having much of it, but I've been so shattered after the fainting that I have definitely had more recently. Turns out you need to rest in your third trimester, who knew?

Symptoms: Rib pain, fainting, fatigue. Crying over nothing. Feeling angry with everyone around me. All rock 'n' roll over here.

Best moment this week: Honestly? Feeling like I'm finally getting closer to meeting baby. It's keeping me going through the tough days!

Worst moment this week: Last week; fainting and going into triage (poor midwife team must be sick of the sight of me!) for tests. They're amazing in there and I'm so grateful to have had such great care so far.

Miss anything? Wine. Wearing normal clothes.

Movement: Lots of wriggles and rolls! Baby is head down and much bigger now.

Gender: I really couldn't tell you! Everyone and their dog is thinking boy but my husband and I are firmly on the fence.

Belly button in/out: It's happened! Belly button is out... thankfully it's just flat though, so it doesn't look too alien!

Wedding Rings on/off: On - still no swelling...

Mood: I've been feeling low and tearful on and off, more in the last week. I feel that inexplicable yucky dragged-down feeling you get with PMS where you can't decide if you want to cry or hit something. I'm hoping this is the last stretch of feeling like this!

Looking forward to: Finishing work - I have 2 weeks left and I think the timing is right, which is a relief as I worried I was going to go off too early. I could do with the time to relax and prepare for baby's arrival. Also a pedicure with my bestie for my birthday - guaranteed to put a smile on my face!