Well here we are, another bump update. I was only planning to write these every 4 weeks, but I figured a) I might not make it to 38 weeks (unlikely but possible) and b) things are CHANGING around here and you need to know about it. Or I just need to write about it. Ahem.

How far along: 36 weeks and - officially - in my 9th month of pregnancy. Can I get an amen? I mean I've loved it, honestly I really have, but I cannot wait to meet this bub! Currently anywhere between 5.5-6lbs in weight and 47-50cm long. Yikes.

Days until due date: 28. I admit I had to look at that twice, then felt stupid.

The bump: Seems to have dropped. Might be wishful thinking. But I reckon baby may be on his/her way in the not too distant...!

Weight changes: Who cares?

Stretch marks? None yet, everything is holding up so far..!

Cravings: None really, although a cheese toastie would go down a treat.

Sleep: Ahah... sweet lord. Sleep. I can sum it up nicely by saying that I don't get much of it at night and it's all I want to do in the day. I seem to hit mid afternoon and need a 2-hour power nap.

Symptoms: More hormonal mood swings and some lower abdominal pain.

Best moment this week: Getting to grips with the car seat - we took one look at it and got all gooey thinking about a real baby in there.

Worst moment this week: The mood swings - I've found it quite hard to stay positive about being under house arrest/finishing work/life changing, which makes me feel guilty and sad because I'm so excited to be a Mum. It's just scary.
Miss anything? Wearing normal clothes. Maternity wear is officially my least favourite category of clothing and I can't wait to chuck the bloody lot/lend it to expectant friends as soon as this baby is out.

Movement: Squirms, wriggles and occasionally great big rolls that make my stomach lurch.

Gender: Still couldn't say - I was swinging more towards girl last week and back to boy this week. We'll find out soon!

Belly button in/out: It's out and I'm praying it doesn't stay like that.

Wedding Rings on/off: On - still no swelling...

Mood: Tired, hormonal, excited - all in one go.

Looking forward to:Finishing work this Friday (although I actually feel I've kinda finished already...?) but I've got a lunch planned with some lovely work friends, so it'll be good to celebrate before I head off!