Still here, still pregnant. I'm hoping this is the last bump update - if not, I'll check in again at 40/41 weeks by which point no doubt I'll be so done. My midwife offered me a sweep at 40 weeks which I politely declined, but - as she rightly pointed out - I might've changed my mind by then....

How far along: 39 weeks. Baby is around 50-52cm in length and weighs around 7lb. That's a proper baby size!

Days until due date: 7. Holy heck.

The bump: Is getting bigger all the time... and I'm nervously checking for stretch marks as a result!

Weight changes: Still no idea, still don't care.

Stretch marks? None yet, but things are growing! Eek.

Cravings: Ice lollies - hot weather and heavily pregnant ladies do not go hand in hand...

Sleep: Still not getting much of it. I'm the newest, grumpiest member of the 4am awake club.

Symptoms: Lots and lots of Braxton Hicks...

Best moment this week: I found out baby's head is 3/5 at my 38 week check up, which is so exciting. We also had a scan a few days ago and they estimated baby was around 7lb 4oz and had lots of hair...!

Worst moment this week: Two words: false labour. I contracted on and off last week for 2 hours at a time then it all just went away. Frustrating because I am getting so IMPATIENT! Gah.

Miss anything? Wine, wine, so much wine, my waist, normal clothes, sleeping on my back or front...

Movement: Plenty of kicks and rolls happening!

Gender: The jury is still out on that one... I'm now leaning back towards girl, but its 51/49!

Belly button in/out: It's out, all the waaayyyy out. Don't touch it.

Wedding Rings on/off: On, although the weather is so hot I might have to leave it off shortly...

Mood: Impatient, in case you couldn't tell.

Looking forward to: THE BABY COMING. COME OUT NOW.