Thanks to the surge of pregnancy hormones the last week, I've needed to check myself (before I wreck yep yep) because it is actually quite hard waiting around for a baby to make an appearance when it's gorgeously hot and sunny outside.

I don't want to sound ungrateful (this is going to sound incredibly ungrateful) but if it was raining I'd feel better about staying in. Thing is, now I'm so close to the finish and having irregular contractions, I don't feel very safe about travelling much further than the supermarket...

Anyway, it's mostly been a shiny happy time during the last almost 3 weeks of being off work, so let's get stuck into the lovely stuff...

1. Long lazy days

I'm spending my days reading in the sunshine with the odd bit of housework thrown in and a sprinkling of meet ups with friends for good measure. It's been really nice to get stuck into a few great books and take things at a slower pace. I've been told it's nigh on impossible to concentrate on a book once the baby comes, so I've been speed reading a little to squeeze them in!

2. My birthday

Being a twin, I usually spend my birthday with my brother - in 29 years, we've managed to be together all but 1! They all made the yucky trip from the midlands down South to us at the end of June and it was a gorgeous mix of glorious weather, BBQs, birthday cake and cuddles with my gorgeous niece Abigail. Perfect.

3. Friend dates

I've had the odd NCT meet up (having fellow preggo friends is honestly a lifesaver), a few lunches with work colleagues past and present, plus a strawberry picking and tea & cake date with my girl Sarah. I'm really grateful to get in some quality time (and conversation) with these ladies and feel absolutely zero guilt about the calories consumed. 

4. Nesting

Is it sad that this makes it into my list of happy things? Gah who cares. I am loving getting organised. I don't think there is a cupboard or drawer in my house that hasn't felt the wrath of my progesterone. Ridiculous levels of organisation include: tidying and cleaning the fridge, sorting out birthday cards for the next 6 months (and tidying all the gift tags and ribbons), reordering the book case, washing cushion covers, refolding all the bed linen we own like a proper adult and actually cleaning out my car boot. I know. 

5. Morning walks

Admittedly this hasn't happened as much as it should have done (what can I say? A girl needs to hoover!) but the odd time I've thrown myself outside for a bit of alone time sans tech has been glorious. Since stopping work, I feel like I'm noticing more around me - new buds and blooms on the plants on my balcony, sweet old couples who stop to talk in town - silly things but lovely all the same.